Harry Potter films recognized by Academy Awards online with movie highlights

Via @HarryPotterFilm on Twitter

Via @HarryPotterFilm on Twitter

After eight films and twelve nominations, the greatest films ever snubbed by the Academy Awards are finally getting some recognition.

Yesterday, along with this year’s announcement of the Academy Awards nominations, the Oscars website launched a new Harry Potter section to their Collection Highlights page. Through 27 pictures, the collection tells the Harry Potter film story, featuring stills from the movies as well as newspaper clippings from the early days of the series.

Potterheads will be hard-pressed to learn new tidbits from the series, but there are still a few things of interest; for instance, a June 2000 newspaper article reporting the casting of Pulp Fiction actor Tim Roth for Severus Snape. The role went to Alan Rickman when Roth chose to star in Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes. (We’re not complaining about the decision either. Alan Rickman…Always.)

Along with that report, there are pictures of articles from when the trio was cast and when Warner Bros. launched HarryPotter.com, more than decade before Pottermore hit the web.

Although the collection is a nice way to remember the series, it doesn’t really make up for the Academy’s lack of recognition when the films were released.

For now, visit Oscars.org to view the collection — it’s definitely worth a look through and any Harry Potter fan will appreciate and enjoy it.


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