J.K. Rowling faces Twitter trolls in midst of British General Election


J.K. Rowling faced harsh political critics on Twitter this week in the midst of the United Kingdom’s General Election.

Rowling initially tweeted credible articles focused on the negative effects of a Conservative majority in Parliament. Users responded furiously in defense of their own politics, so Rowling elaborated on her little confidence in British Conservative leadership and spoke against policy decisions made by the Conservative government; in contrast, she defended her own Labour views. Through this whole debate, unhealed wounds from last year’s debate on Scottish independence were rehashed, and once again J.K.R. defended her anti-Nationalist views.

Historically, J.K. Rowling supported the British Labour Party. In 2008, she donated£1 million in support of then-incumbent Prime Minister Gordon Brown over Conservative David Cameron. Also, last year, Rowling faced vicious backlash online after voicing her opinion against Scottish independence.

Attention: NSFW language below. Read at your own choice.

The reaction to the author’s pro-Labour tweets was harsh, cruel, and unsubstantiated, but the Twitter Queen of our Hearts did not back down. Take note of the interaction below, initiated by now-blocked Twitter user @sjosiah0…

@jk_rowling Fuck off you Labour CUNT. All you lefties are finished in this country, especially you JK bitchface. – Steve Josiah (@sjosiah0) May 8, 2015

@jk_rowling You lefty Labour scum are finished in this country – Steve Josiah (@sjosiah0) May 8, 2015

Jo’s response garnered the attention of thousands of people, including author John Green. Harry Potter fans rose to defend and comfort Rowling after that correspondence, leading her to tweet this:

True, that was only one correspondence between the author and many haters. In one final act of advocacy, at the end of the week the author tweeted a long response through to a user claiming Rowling thought Scottish Nationalist Party voters were “hideous thugs and bullies…” J.K. Rowling’s response, in full:

“I say this wearily, Callum, but where did I say they are? I reserve the right to call out people who swear at me. [The user responded to this with a comment about wishing J.K.R. never responded to him: “she probably thinks i’m an asshole [sic]”]… Callum, you seem a very decent person to me, as did the SNP girl whom I said I loved on Twitter this week when she sent me support… I’ve favorited and responded to other really nice SNP supporters this week, too. I’ve talked on Twitter about the Yessers and how much I had in common politically with many of them. I have ignored and blocked abuse form people with an SNP twibbon for months on Twitter, very much taking the view that the abusive ones are not typical. This week, though, my personal line has been crossed with being called traitor and shite the least of the abuse. I feel no responsibility to hush up that kind of behavior to protect the image of any political party. It isn’t always fun being a famous woman on Twitter and I believe in standing up to bullies.

Of course, J.K. Rowling had the last word.

For more tweets from Jo, follow her at @jk_rowling on Twitter.


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