One Last Note…

Last week, we reported on the relaunch of Pottermore. I write this message today to announce that this will be the last update on Pottermore News; to avoid letting this website die off by itself, without a post of explanation.

I started this website 4 years ago, when Pottermore first launched. Since, we’ve covered every major event in the Pottersphere and J.K. Rowling’s career — the unveiling of 6 books on, The Casual Vacancy, Cormoran Strike, redesigns upon redesigns. I loved every moment of it, of feeling part of the Harry Potter community.

For a long time, I devoted hours upon hours, constantly checking e-mail and Twitter for the latest updates.  I’ve written articles and updated social media on many vacations, from airports and public restrooms. It was all so worth it, and it continues to be. Unfortunately, however, I can no longer devote as much time to the site as I would like. Because of this, I have decided to stop updating the main site,

I will continue to update our Twitter, but that will be our only involvement moving forward. With the new Pottermore Correspondent in mind, we’re confident that Pottermore will provide the most accurate information possible about the world of Harry Potter. Right now, the fandom is at a crossroads, awaiting the release of Fantastic Beasts, the premiere of Cursed Child, more books from J.K. Rowling… We have a lot to look forward to. The Pottermore Correspondent will surely satisfy that appetite for Potter, maybe with the help of MuggleNet, SnitchSeeker, Leaky, and Hypable too.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us; you have been a wonderful readership. I thoroughly enjoyed writing for you. In parting, Keep Calm and Potter More.

— Dan, Webmaster, Pottermore News


2 responses to “One Last Note…

  1. I’m SO sorry to hear that you are no longer going to Be keeping us all up to date with JK Rowling & all The wonderful Harry Potter news and gossip!! I have To thank you for all you have done to keep Pottermore News such a wonderful source of information!!! I Have thoroughly enjoyed all your news, Your great sense of humor, and I really appreciate all You have done to keep all us Potter fans in the know!!! I can’t imagine how much of your time you dedicated To this!!! I’m so sorry to see you move on 😦 I Wish you all the best, and will miss you and your Wonderful news site!!!! Take good care!!!

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