One Last Note…

Last week, we reported on the relaunch of Pottermore. I write this message today to announce that this will be the last update on Pottermore News; to avoid letting this website die off by itself, without a post of explanation.

I started this website 4 years ago, when Pottermore first launched. Since, we’ve covered every major event in the Pottersphere and J.K. Rowling’s career — the unveiling of 6 books on, The Casual Vacancy, Cormoran Strike, redesigns upon redesigns. I loved every moment of it, of feeling part of the Harry Potter community.

For a long time, I devoted hours upon hours, constantly checking e-mail and Twitter for the latest updates.  I’ve written articles and updated social media on many vacations, from airports and public restrooms. It was all so worth it, and it continues to be. Unfortunately, however, I can no longer devote as much time to the site as I would like. Because of this, I have decided to stop updating the main site,

I will continue to update our Twitter, but that will be our only involvement moving forward. With the new Pottermore Correspondent in mind, we’re confident that Pottermore will provide the most accurate information possible about the world of Harry Potter. Right now, the fandom is at a crossroads, awaiting the release of Fantastic Beasts, the premiere of Cursed Child, more books from J.K. Rowling… We have a lot to look forward to. The Pottermore Correspondent will surely satisfy that appetite for Potter, maybe with the help of MuggleNet, SnitchSeeker, Leaky, and Hypable too.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us; you have been a wonderful readership. I thoroughly enjoyed writing for you. In parting, Keep Calm and Potter More.

— Dan, Webmaster, Pottermore News


An Update on Tutorials and a volunteer work opportunity…

Dear Readers,

We have an update on our video tutorial guide series and a volunteer job opportunity.

First off, we’ll have some bad news for our video tutorial guide watchers on YouTube. We’ll not be releasing any more tutorial videos for Pottermore.

The reason for this is because with the new site, Pottermore has changed the way users explore the Moments. There are loads of new additions, and the earlier Moments have changed, too. Pottermore has separated the experience features, like the Sorting Ceremony and Wand selection, from the story, so that these events are not presented in Moments. This ultimately outdates most of our previous tutorials, and so to update them, we would have to record, edit and upload 57 separate videos. That’s a lot. Therefore, we’ve made the decision to not continue with them. We are very sorry for the inconveinence.

However, if someone would be willing to make their own Pottermore tutorials, we’d be happy to sponsor them and feature them on our site. If you are interested in this, you can e-mail us at Thanks ahead for those who are willing to help.

Now onto another volunteer job opportunity. We’re looking for someone who would be able to create thorough guides of the three books on Pottermore. The ideal person for the job should be literate in English and have a pretty good understanding of how Pottermore works. They should also have some prior knowledge of Harry Potter books and films and know how to work with Microsoft Word or Pages on Apple. If you’re interested in applying, you can send you’re information to We look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great week!



Webmaster, Pottermore News

Tutorials for PoA Installment Two & Introducing the Weekly Roundup

Dear Readers,

For those of you who watch our tutorials, we have some news for you:

We have continued with our video tutorial guide series through Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with the release of tutorials through chapters eight and fifteen. You can watch the videos on YouTube right here. We hope they are helpful! 🙂 If you have any suggestions for the videos, please feel free to comment below/on the videos. We love to hear from our viewers.

Also, starting next Saturday, we will be posting a Weekly Roundup on our Tumblr page. It will be an accumulation of stories we posted throughout the week and other Harry Potter news stories we found online. We will then post this (most likely as a link) on the main website.

Have a great week!



Webmaster, Pottermore News

Help Wanted: We are seeking a volunteer news writer

NOTE: THIS POSITION HAS NOW BEEN CLOSED. Pottermore News is very sorry for the inconvenience.
Pottermore News is seeking a volunteer news writer.
Pottermore News is an ever-growing site and continues to reach new shores everyday. To accommodate our rapid growth, we are seeking writers for the site. Specifically, we are seeking a news reporter for a voluntary position.
The successful applicant will have to report on Pottermore related news that will be published on the site. They will be using WordPress software (on the Internet). Along with Pottermore news, they will have to report on important, newsworthy J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter stories. When any news is announced, the reporter will have to write a post for the site as soon as possible. On average, we publish three news posts a day.
Applicants must have writing experience and knowledge in grammar. Though it is not a requirement, we are looking for a person with experience in news reporting. If you are an excellent writer and news reporter, we suggest you apply.
As it is one of the job requirements, we are looking for someone who knows Harry Potter – someone who has read the series and is a fan. You must have a Pottermore account and be familiar with the site. If you are a regular Pottermore user that’s even better. We don’t want anyone who isn’t interested in Harry Potter, because if you aren’t and working for us, it won’t be any fun, right?
As any news writer, the news writer will have to find the story sometimes; the story will not always come to you..
Good luck to all applicants.
Job Requirements:
-Must speak and write in the English language
-Must be able to write during the day
-Must be somewhat familiar with WordPress.
-Must have a Pottermore account
-Familiarity with Harry Potter – book, films, etc.
-Be active on Twitter, or at least know how to use it
To apply for the position you may either submit your resume or submit an original piece of writing to Along with this, please include your name and your reason for applying (why you want the job). You may send your submission in the form of an e-mail (as in writing it out within an email), or a PDF, Microsoft Word Document or Apple Pages attachment file.
We will be accepting applications until the position is filled.
While this is not a paid position, we are positive that you will receive substantial satisfaction in writing and posting on this site. At listing, this position is voluntary, however, a salary may be negotiable in the future.

Changes to the site

Welcome to the new and improved Pottermore News!

Over the last few days, we’ve been doing some major changes to the site – making additions, doing some much-needed updating, and re-vamping with a cool new layout.

First off, we changed the layout. Its a much more clean, slick layout than the previous one. With the new layout there are some changes. We have been able to fit more posts on the site. Our Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Updates widget has changed places to the righthand side. We really like the new layout and hope you do too. It will be definitely be here for awhile.

Additionally, we added nine new pages to the site. At our Harry Potter page, you can learn information about the books and films (each have individual pages), and we will be adding information about the theme park and studio tour soon. Keep an eye on the Harry Potter pages especially, because we will be updating them in the following weeks and months.

We also have a page dedicated to J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy. We will be updating this page regularly with all new information as it is released over the coming weeks. So head on over there if you ever need any information on book signings, appearances, and reviews of the book (once the book is released, of course). The page is temporary and after the book is released, will find a more permanent home on the site.

We made some much-needed updates to our Pottermore page. We completely re-vamped it, adding the latest news, information, and an explanation of the site. You can find all the official Pottermore links there, too. Be sure to watch the page over the next week because we have something really cool and interactive to show you. We’re not ready to launch it just now, but we will be making the finishing touches in the next several days so we can unveil it next week.

We decided to add a Pottermore Help page. There you can learn how to submit inquiries to Pottermore. You can also submit questions to us if you have any Pottermore problems. But before you do that, make sure its not on our “Frequent Pottermore Questions” list. The list is a collection of frequently asked questions regarding problems with Pottermore.

Finally, you’ll notice that we have condensed some pages and place them as sub pages of others. We have done this to our Links page, which has been placed under “About Us” and our new “Contact Us” page, where you will find all of our contact information, also under “About Us”. Below our Pottermore Help, you will find our Tutorials and Guides pages. Additionally, our pages for the Harry Potter books and films are listed under Harry Potter.

That’s pretty much it for site updates, but we have announced a couple of other things today as well. The first is our plans for fall 2013, with information about Pottermore tutorials and The Casual Vacancy. Secondly, we announced our new, permanent home for our Pottermore Guides which is a partnership with The Pottermore Alliance. You can find information about those things here and here, respectively.

We hope everyone is having a great August so far! Hope you all enjoy our new site!