Pottermore Updates: More potion ingredients, next House Cup date, updated Terms and Conditions

PottermoreThis past week, Pottermore made a few updates regarding the site…

First, the team rewarded fans on Tuesday with more Galleons and Potion ingredients, scattered in Moments across the site. See below to find out where to find these ingredients and Galleons — if you’re an avid fan, you’re going to want to look.

Then, in their Facebook announcement for this addition, Pottermore also mentioned that the Pottermore House Cup would be rewarded at the end of May. It will be the eighth time Pottermore awards the Cup to members of the Hogwarts Houses, and the reward is likely to be either new Moments from Deathly Hallows (predictably looking at a July launch) or the Patronus quiz in Order of the Phoenix, which has been hinted by J.K. Rowling.

In other news, Pottermore also updated their Terms & Conditions, and policies for Privacy & Cookies and Child Privacy & Safety. It will be the first update to the terms since the site re-launched in July 2013; the update was made to reflect the recent changes to the site, including the prohibition of commenting and uploading artwork, as well as the deletion of the Pottermore Insider. The changes are in effect from May 13, 2015 at 12 noon GMT.

For Pottermore Users — Where to Find the New Ingredients:

Arriving at Diagon Alley

The Journey to Hogwarts

Hagrid’s Wooden House

The Hooded Figure

Into the Forbidden Forest

Two Enormous Green Eyes

The Weasleys

Dumbledore Returns

The Magical Menagerie

The Three Broomsticks

The Firebolt is Confiscated

The Shrieking Shack

Buckbeak’s Rescue

Sirius and Buckbeak Escape

The Campsite

The Carriage

Hibernating Skrewts

Professor Grubby-Plank


King’s Cross


J.K. Rowling interviewed on CBS This Morning

J.K. Rowling was interviewed by Charlie Rose and Gayle King on Monday on CBS This Morning Monday. In the interview, The Casual Vacancyauthor touched on the subjects of her fans, the theme of teenage angst in her new novel, and even commented on her appearance in the Olympics. Once again, she denied she had any plans to write another Harry Potter book.

J.K. Rowling was interviewed Monday on CBS This Morning

Here’s a video clip of the interview and see more highlights here.

The Pottermore Alliance

Many of you may recall that we have been communicating with ElmBlade43 and SamGibbins07 on Twitter. We have become great friends over the past few months, sharing together some major events in Harry Potter history together including the announcement of J.K. Rowling’s new book and the launch of Pottermore. We have literally shared every scrap of news together. Now, we are taking the power of our friendship to the next level; an alliance.

We have been teasing it for a couple of weeks now at the mysterious Twitter feed, @lockedusername. We have now “unlocked” the username with the promised announcement of a new exciting project: The Pottermore Alliance. The Pottermore Alliance is the collaboration of fans to create exciting new projects and functionalities for other fans to communicate and use. For the record, let me just say now that I wouldn’t want to be working on this with any other people than Sam and ElmBlade43.

Out of the collaboration we plan to bring out ways of communications so fans can connect with each other, discuss the books, films and Pottermore, and other exciting projects. Today we have for you one introductory product for fans: a Pottermore forum. We have two other projects that we are working on, but they aren’t ready just yet for release. They will be here very soon, so you won’t wait very long. We can promise one of them by the end of the month.

The Pottermore Forum is something we have been promising for awhile. With the help of our friend Sam, we are able to bring it to you with some really cool features. Together, me, Sam, and ElmBlade43, have created an amazing method of communication – The Pottermore Alliance Forum – where fans will be able to discuss everything from The Casual Vacancy to Pottermore. You have the option to be sorted into one of the four houses and enter a house-only common room, just like on Pottermore.

With the Pottermore Alliance, being a reader of our blogs and a participant of our forum will become much more exciting and easier. We have now brought on Sam (SamGibbins07 on Twitter) as a contributing reporter and writer. He will be writing under the name SpellWizard24. ElmBlade43 will also be contributing to my site, as will I on her site, as a contributing writer and reporter.

The Pottermore Alliance Twitter, @ThePMAlliance, will be the place for fans to read news stories and other articles, from all of our sites. Instead of having to visit multiple sites, you will be able to follow one feed for all the stories. If we haven’t reported on a story yet, you can refer to this feed to see if another one did.

Although this is an Alliance and a collaboration of a few fan sites, we must stress that our individual sites will stay separate. While we are doing the Pottermore Tutorials on YouTube and the Pottermore Guide, ElmGoesToHogwarts (ElmBlade43’s site) will still be doing the Pottermore 101’s as tutorials. We have no plan to combine sites.

Unfortunately, with all the time and work spent on the Pottermore Alliance, we will not be able to produce the collection of Head Canons book as promised. We will however be releasing the updated Pottermore Guide. Hopefully by the end of the year or early 2013, we will have the Head Canon book available.

The forum is only the starting project of our alliance; the partnership will produce more great things over the years. The launch of Pottermore and partnering projects between Sony and Pottermore like Book of Spells is only the start of this new stage in Harry Potter history; we still have a long way to go on the journey. We are so very happy we get to enjoy the exciting journey together with friends and readers like you.

You can visit the official site of the Pottermore Alliance and our Pottermore Alliance page for all further information.

Pottermore Feature of the Week: The Original Forty

This week we are featuring one of my favorite Pottermore entries; The Original Forty. Perhaps I like it because it has everything to do with J.K. Rowling’s god-ness skill of imagination or because it is history of my favorite characters – I don’t know. I do know, however, it reveals information that we couldn’t have gotten anywhere but on Pottermore. It is the backstory that would never make it in the books. It is a truly fascinating read, specifically for über Harry Potter fans.

From the entry, “The Original Forty“:

Two of my most prized possessions are a pair of small notebooks, which contain my very first scribblings about Harry Potter. Much of what is written in them was never used in the series, although it is startling to come across the odd line of dialogue that subsequently made it, verbatim, to publication.

In one of the books is a list of forty names of students in Harry’s year (including Harry, Ron and Hermione), all allocated houses, with small symbols beside each name depicting each boy or girl’s parentage.

While I imagined that there would be considerably more than forty students in each year at Hogwarts, I thought that it would be useful to know a proportion of Harry’s classmates, and to have names at my fingertips when action was taking place around the school.

As the stories evolved, I changed the parentage of some of the original forty. While some never appeared in the books at all, I always knew that they were there; some had surgery to their names after their first creation; a few emerged from the background to have their own secondary stories (Ernie Macmillan, Hannah Abbott, Justin Finch-Fletchley), and one, Neville Longbottom, developed into a very important character. It is very strange to look at the list in this tiny notebook now, slightly water-stained by some forgotten mishap, and covered in light pencil scribblings (undoubtedly the work of my then infant daughter, Jessica), and to think that while I was writing these names, and refining them, and sorting them into houses, I had no clue where they were going to go (or where they were going to take me).

Rowling then includes her complete list of the original forty. The list includes the original names of some characters, such as Neville Sidebottom. Another one is “Lily Moon”, my personal favorite on the list. J.K. Rowling wrote that this character was the first “intimation of Luna Lovegood”. She goes on saying that though the name was never used, it gave her the idea of a “fey, dreamy girl”. It is interesting to learn the history of such a favorite. Perhaps we will be learning more about her in the later books!

Hopefully there will be more entries like this as the story progresses!

You can share your thoughts about the entry in the comments below or on Twitter (@PottermoreNews7).

P.S.Please excuse our delay! It wasn’t until this morning ’till we realized that it is Thursday, not Wednesday!

New statement from Rowling’s reps sparks new mystery

A new article in the Telegraph titled “Harry Potter and the Pottermore web mystery” is starting to brew mystery itself.

The article is the first to feature an official statement from J.K. Rowling’s reps, but the statement left readers with more questions than answers. Read the excerpt below:

A spokesman for Rowling would say only that the author was “not ready to say” why it had been delayed. “There is no further information at the moment – but it will be obvious when it is announced.”

The spokesman added: “We appreciate fans’ patience, and as soon as we’re in a position to let them know more, we will do so.”

The first thing that sparked our attention was that J.K. Rowling was “‘not ready to say’ why it had been delayed”. We think that this might have to deal with the new book, and that Rowling might have wanted to focus her time on the book and planning marketing campaigns, releases details, etc. It may also be personal problems she is dealing with, but it is unsure if Jo would ever release those details.

The second point made in the statement was that “‘There is no further information at the moment – but it will be obvious when it is announced.” This had our minds racing! What could this mean?! One thing that this could mean that there will be changes coming to Pottermore- changes that will be noticeable. The first part of the change might have been the notification system, as that was altered in early January. Though, this could also mean an internal change in Pottermore that might not be seen with the naked eye, but when brought attention to, as in this upcoming announcement, we will be able to notice it.

The third mystery that rose from this article was towards the end:

The interactive site is intended as a meeting place for fans, offering games, discussion forums, film clips and access to e-books.

Now, it is obvious that Pottermore features games, forums and e-books, but film clips? Though this could be an error on the Telegraph’s part but it may be a hint of what is to come from Pottermore. Though, it is highly unlikely that the films will be incorporated into Pottermore, as the books and films have always been set apart. But still this makes us wonder, what if the films were incorporated into Pottermore? Would you like? Share in the comments below!

We highly recommend reading the full story and sharing your feedback about it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, comments, etc.

We are currently in the process of making a timeline of upcoming events this year, where we will be predicting when and how things will take order. This will appear on our Tumblr in a short time…