The Pottermore Alliance

Many of you may recall that we have been communicating with ElmBlade43 and SamGibbins07 on Twitter. We have become great friends over the past few months, sharing together some major events in Harry Potter history together including the announcement of J.K. Rowling’s new book and the launch of Pottermore. We have literally shared every scrap of news together. Now, we are taking the power of our friendship to the next level; an alliance.

We have been teasing it for a couple of weeks now at the mysterious Twitter feed, @lockedusername. We have now “unlocked” the username with the promised announcement of a new exciting project: The Pottermore Alliance. The Pottermore Alliance is the collaboration of fans to create exciting new projects and functionalities for other fans to communicate and use. For the record, let me just say now that I wouldn’t want to be working on this with any other people than Sam and ElmBlade43.

Out of the collaboration we plan to bring out ways of communications so fans can connect with each other, discuss the books, films and Pottermore, and other exciting projects. Today we have for you one introductory product for fans: a Pottermore forum. We have two other projects that we are working on, but they aren’t ready just yet for release. They will be here very soon, so you won’t wait very long. We can promise one of them by the end of the month.

The Pottermore Forum is something we have been promising for awhile. With the help of our friend Sam, we are able to bring it to you with some really cool features. Together, me, Sam, and ElmBlade43, have created an amazing method of communication – The Pottermore Alliance Forum – where fans will be able to discuss everything from The Casual Vacancy to Pottermore. You have the option to be sorted into one of the four houses and enter a house-only common room, just like on Pottermore.

With the Pottermore Alliance, being a reader of our blogs and a participant of our forum will become much more exciting and easier. We have now brought on Sam (SamGibbins07 on Twitter) as a contributing reporter and writer. He will be writing under the name SpellWizard24. ElmBlade43 will also be contributing to my site, as will I on her site, as a contributing writer and reporter.

The Pottermore Alliance Twitter, @ThePMAlliance, will be the place for fans to read news stories and other articles, from all of our sites. Instead of having to visit multiple sites, you will be able to follow one feed for all the stories. If we haven’t reported on a story yet, you can refer to this feed to see if another one did.

Although this is an Alliance and a collaboration of a few fan sites, we must stress that our individual sites will stay separate. While we are doing the Pottermore Tutorials on YouTube and the Pottermore Guide, ElmGoesToHogwarts (ElmBlade43’s site) will still be doing the Pottermore 101’s as tutorials. We have no plan to combine sites.

Unfortunately, with all the time and work spent on the Pottermore Alliance, we will not be able to produce the collection of Head Canons book as promised. We will however be releasing the updated Pottermore Guide. Hopefully by the end of the year or early 2013, we will have the Head Canon book available.

The forum is only the starting project of our alliance; the partnership will produce more great things over the years. The launch of Pottermore and partnering projects between Sony and Pottermore like Book of Spells is only the start of this new stage in Harry Potter history; we still have a long way to go on the journey. We are so very happy we get to enjoy the exciting journey together with friends and readers like you.

You can visit the official site of the Pottermore Alliance and our Pottermore Alliance page for all further information.