Amazon teases a Kindle-related announcement with an owl

A very vigilant eye at PaidContent found a banner and owl on Amazon’s Kindle page with the wordings “Wizardry is on the way”. It seems that it is teasing an upcoming announcement related to Kindle, which could suggest something Pottermore-related. It is very mysterious and vague, but what could it mean? Our only guess is that it has something to do with Pottermore, but who knows!

Here’s from the PaidContent article that found it:

When I asked Amazon about this, a spokeswoman told me, “We’ll have to ask you to stay tuned for an upcoming announcement.” The company declined to comment on timing.

The banner, on the Kindle home page, is in the Harry Potter font and isn’t clickable.

On the other hand, a reader points out it looks as if the owl is posing with a diploma.

The announcement surely makes us wonder, but hopefully we will learn very soon what the banner is all about. You can count on Pottermore News to have all the news as soon as it is availability.


OwlTV Daily News Show #1!

You can download the first-ever OwlTV Daily News Show right here our Kiwi6 page. In this (VERY) quick episode, we talk about Deathly Hallows- Part 2′s BAFTA nominations.

‘Daily News’ editions of OwlTV will be the place where you can hear all the breaking and latest news in the ‘Potter’ realm without having to wait for the regular shows. They will be short and quick, and will not discuss all stories, only a most important. 

Please take note that these shows are not actually daily, and will only be recorded when important news happens.