Help Wanted: We are seeking a volunteer news writer

NOTE: THIS POSITION HAS NOW BEEN CLOSED. Pottermore News is very sorry for the inconvenience.
Pottermore News is seeking a volunteer news writer.
Pottermore News is an ever-growing site and continues to reach new shores everyday. To accommodate our rapid growth, we are seeking writers for the site. Specifically, we are seeking a news reporter for a voluntary position.
The successful applicant will have to report on Pottermore related news that will be published on the site. They will be using WordPress software (on the Internet). Along with Pottermore news, they will have to report on important, newsworthy J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter stories. When any news is announced, the reporter will have to write a post for the site as soon as possible. On average, we publish three news posts a day.
Applicants must have writing experience and knowledge in grammar. Though it is not a requirement, we are looking for a person with experience in news reporting. If you are an excellent writer and news reporter, we suggest you apply.
As it is one of the job requirements, we are looking for someone who knows Harry Potter – someone who has read the series and is a fan. You must have a Pottermore account and be familiar with the site. If you are a regular Pottermore user that’s even better. We don’t want anyone who isn’t interested in Harry Potter, because if you aren’t and working for us, it won’t be any fun, right?
As any news writer, the news writer will have to find the story sometimes; the story will not always come to you..
Good luck to all applicants.
Job Requirements:
-Must speak and write in the English language
-Must be able to write during the day
-Must be somewhat familiar with WordPress.
-Must have a Pottermore account
-Familiarity with Harry Potter – book, films, etc.
-Be active on Twitter, or at least know how to use it
To apply for the position you may either submit your resume or submit an original piece of writing to Along with this, please include your name and your reason for applying (why you want the job). You may send your submission in the form of an e-mail (as in writing it out within an email), or a PDF, Microsoft Word Document or Apple Pages attachment file.
We will be accepting applications until the position is filled.
While this is not a paid position, we are positive that you will receive substantial satisfaction in writing and posting on this site. At listing, this position is voluntary, however, a salary may be negotiable in the future.

Guardian: ‘Pottermore is plaster to Harry Potter blues

A new article in the Guardian appeared today in which another fan once again goes exploring on Pottermore. The fan’s feedback is not necessarily the greatest, but she says it’s magical.

In the beginning she was only a fan waiting to get into the site, but after a kind member lent her account to the writer, she was off exploring. At this point in the exploration, she calls the Gateway “incredibly exciting”. She is amused once again by her profile, with her wand and potions and dueling leader boards. She goes on saying that the site artwork is beautiful and exciting, but not much else.

The writer then starts to share her overall opinions about the site. She expresses that she feels slightly unsatisfied and that she expected more. She also says the following, which we sort of found startling:

I wanted to get lost in the site in the way that I got lost in the books, but in the end you’re just a muggle with a mouse.

There is an important reason why I became frustrated while reading this statement. In the beginning, even when we first heard about Pottermore, the Pottermore team made it very clear that Pottermore was not another Harry Potter book. The site was never supposed to be another Harry Potter book, and the team’s goal was never to create that same experience. They understand that the experience of reading cannot ever be replaced by a screen and computer mouse. They know that the experience can never be just like reading the books, but their trying very hard to get close to it.

Another thing that is probably stirring up the most buzz is earlier in the article when the writer talks about her writing to Pottermore. The writer asked Pottermore when it will be open for the public and how long it would take them until they are finished with all the improvisions. The team wrote back a day later with the following:

we have decided to further extend the beta period so we can improve Pottermore before giving more people access. This means the site will not be opening to new users in the immediate future.

Now, some sites who have reported on this have interpreted this note differently than others. I think that this is just a generic response given to all of those who have asked this question (we were one of them). I do not however think that this means that Pottermore is being further delayed. I think they are just reinitiating what they said in October-  that they are delaying the Pottermore launch until a later date to make revisions designed to help make the site better. So I don’t think I would believe that Pottermore’s launch is being further delayed. They’re just taking their time, and we know that it will be the best that it can be for the public launch.